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Reviews of Community College Transfer Guide

"The Community College Transfer Guide is comprehensive in providing information for students, parents, counselors and advisors. The Guide is easy to understand and covers all the bases on how to transfer from a community college to a four-year college or university. It's very helpful for counselors and advisors for themselves and when working with students one-on-one or as a text for transfer workshops and orientation classes. And it's inexpensive and well worth the money—a real key in this day and age."

– Martha M. Ellis, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Community College Partnerships, University of Texas System


"Community College Transfer Guide provides transfer students with a wealth of resources, advice, and information. It is a comprehensive workbook that incorporates charts, checklists, and practical advice to make the complex transfer issue user-friendly to students, advisors, and faculty. It has short, easy-to-read chapters."

– National Academic Advising Association, NACADA Journal


"The Community College Transfer Guide is a must read for students. This book is also a useful tool for community college transfer advisors to use in their work with transfer students. I highly recommend that community college instructors adopt this book for College 101 or College Orientation courses."

– Frankie Santos Laanan, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Higher Education Program Coordinator, Iowa State University, Director of the Office of Community College Research and Policy


"This is a perfect step by step guide to utilize for transfer students and community college instructors.   The price is right! Most of all, it facilitates transfer success. Thank you Don Silver for writing this great guide."

- Pamela Turner, Umoja Counselor/General Counselor/Instructor, San Jose City Community College


"Great detailed information."

- Joyce Lain Kennedy, Chicago Tribune


"Great, very comprehensive!"

- Bruce Vancil, Assistant Director of Transfer & Reentry Services, California State University, Long Beach


"The Community College Transfer Guide is well organized, full of resources and easy to read."

- Chris Clark, Transfer Services Counselor / Articulation Officer, Folsom Lake College


“I have found the book to be extremely helpful. It is a practical guide to all the two-year transfer issues. I use it as a reference and in presentations. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

– Dr. Brian Meredith, Director of Admissions, University of Memphis


“The Community College Transfer Guide is not only valuable to students, it offers relevant suggestions for transfer counselors as they organize and provide transfer advice."

- Daniel de la Torre, M.Ed., Coordinator of Transfer and Articulation, Quinsigamond Community College


"The Community College Transfer Guide by Don Silver offers a wealth of information and is easy to read and easy to understand. Potential transfer students can follow the step-by-step format and go through the process at a faster pace than otherwise possible. The author provides worksheets to be used by the students, making it easier to keep on track. This is a book that every student with the intention of transferring should read. This book should be part of every educational institution library, career center, and/or counseling center."

- iJournal


“Successful transfer from community college to a four-year college requires advance planning and the Community College Transfer Guide is an excellent resource to help students with every part of the transfer process. The checklists sections will keep students on track to make their transfer goals a reality.”

- Martha "Marty" O'Connell, Executive Director, Colleges That Change Lives (


“Community College Transfer Guide is a comprehensive resource that can serve as a powerful guide for students seeking to navigate the transfer process.”

– George Niebling, Strategic Initiatives Director, University of North Texas and the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students


"The Community College Transfer Guide offers a rare step-by-step focus on everything community college and high school students need to know to transfer to a four-year college. From guaranteed admissions to locating the best four-year college and selecting the right courses for transfer credits, this book offers everything needed to write application essays, fill out applications correctly and find the financial resources to attend college."

- California Bookwatch


“Fantastic resource! Clearly laid out and written to provide a great insight and understanding of the transfer process.”

- Wynn McDonald, Assistant Director/Transfer Coordinator, Northwood University - Office of Admissions


“The Community College Transfer Guide provides an abundance of knowledge to help students ease into University life.”

- Rebecca A. Egbert, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


"The Community College Transfer Guide leaves no stone unturned."

- Yoly Woo-Hoogenstyn, UCSD alum and former transfer student who currently works professionally in the transfer field


"The Community College Transfer Guide provides relevant information for the community college student in a very straightforward, easy-to-read format."

- Michael Szarek, Director of Recruitment, College of Saint Elizabeth


“This guide offers the student and for that matter the school counselor a valuable tool…very thorough and comprehensive…The essentials are all here and easy to utilize.”

– The California School Counselor


"The Community College Transfer Guide should be strongly considered by those in community college." - Midwest Book Review