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Table of Contents of Community College Transfer Guide

Chapter 1         Why You Need This Guide

Chapter 2         How Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree Will Benefit You

Chapter 3         Why You Need to Do Transfer Planning as Early as Possible

Chapter 4         Important Pre-Transfer Issues

Chapter 5         Transfer Credit Jargon You Need to Know

Chapter 6         Secrets to Transferring Successfully

Chapter 7         The 10 Key Steps in Transferring

Chapter 8         Step #1:   Select the Right Major For You

Chapter 9         Step #2:   Understand Money and Other Big Issues

Chapter 10       Step #3:   See If There Is a Guaranteed Admission Program

Chapter 11       Step #4:   Assemble a List of Four-Year Colleges to Investigate

Chapter 12       Step #5:   Research the Admission, Transfer and Graduation


Chapter 13       Step #6:   Ask the Right Questions for You

Chapter 14       Step #7:   Take the Right Courses

Chapter 15       Step #8:   Find the Money to Attend a Four-Year College

Chapter 16       Step #9:   Visit the Campuses

Chapter 17       Step #10: Complete Your Transfer Applications

Chapter 18       When You’re Offered Admission

Appendix         Websites in this book


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