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Cookin' the Books

By Don Silver

Cookin' is a novel about the accounting scandals that 14 major universities have used to teach business ethics. 

Cookin' the Book$ is available as an e-book on Amazon for just $9.99. 

Reviews of Cookin' the Book$


Ken Milani, Professor of Accountancy at University of Notre Dame: "Cookin' the Books is entertaining, educational and easily 'digestible.' The overall quality of the book is excellent."

Mary Feeney Bonawitz, PhD, CPA; Assistant Professor of Professional Accountancy, Penn State University-Capital College; President, American Society of Women Accountants: "As an accounting professor at Penn State with a research interest in ethics, I am always on the lookout for outstanding books to use with class texts. Cookin' the Book$ is very creative and a very good read. I'm adding Cookin' the Book$ to my students' list of additional reading."

Peter McGuire Wolf, Ph.D., "Cookin' the Book$ stands alone as one of the funniest and straightforward works on business ethics in corporate America today."


Professor Max Torres, Assistant Professor of Business Ethics and Organizational Behavior, IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain; Visiting Scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth: "Cookin' the Book$ is light-hearted reading about a not-so-light topic. It's a charming little book that I'll be recommending to attendees at my upcoming seminars in theUS and Latin America entitled 'Ethics after Enron.'" (Book of the week): "Cookin' the Book$: Say Pasta la Vista to Corporate Accounting Tricks and Fraud by Don Silver is an invaluable and very strongly recommended corporate guide to accounting fraud which takes the form of an advice guide on how to spot and avoid typical fraud secrets in corporate accounting. This primer on deceptive accounting practices will prove an easy read, and an important eye-opener for many, with its specific examples and insights."


Marina v.N. Whitman, Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan: "Cookin' the Book$ manages to make complicated issues crystal clear and be hilariously funny at the same time--all in a volume small enough to slip into your pocket or pocketbook. A truly winning combination!"


Dr. Eugene Szwajkowski, Strategic management consultant, Adjunct Professor, Department of Managerial Studies, University of Illinois-Chicago: "Cookin' the Book$ is every bit as readable as promised. The most pleasant surprise was the number of specific, concrete suggestions for detecting corporate wrongdoing. This is the kind of real-world, yet accessible, approach to ethics that would resonate with students."


Midwest Book Review: "Cookin' the Book$ by Don Silver is invaluable and very strongly recommended."


Publishers Weekly: "Humorous parable."


Mark S. Putnam, M. Ed., President, Character Training Inc. (business ethics training programs), and author of Ethics for a Modern Workforce and Ethics for Success: "What an ingenious way to communicate ethical principles! This book is full of brilliant metaphors and analogies that cut to the heart of corporate accounting ethics issues. I strongly recommend that companies who want to get a jump on the financial scams of the day, make Cookin' the Book$ a must read for all employees. Cookin' the Book$ should be on the reading list for every business education classroom.


Mark Hyatt, Board member of the Center for Academic Integrity (Duke University) and Board member of the Character Education Partnership: "Excellent book. Maybe our next generation of corporate leaders can be encouraged by Cookin' the Book$ to become the women and men of character America needs."


Andrew Sikula, Sr., Director, Graduate School of Management; Associate Dean, Lewis College of Business; Richard G. Miller Distinguished Professor of Management: "Cookin' the Book$ is a fun read."


Business Start Page ( "Cookin' the Book$ is a delicious and perfectly cooked meal delivered in tasty morsels - a full menu of dirty tricks to watch out for."


Margaret Monahan Hogan, Ph.D., President of the Center for Academic Integrity (Duke University), Founding Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Life and Chair of the Philosophy Department, Kings College: "Don Silver’s Cookin’ the Book$ is a necessary primer on the deceptive accounting practices of some contemporary firms."


Raymond M. Cochran, Director of Internal Audit, Columbia University; President, Association of College and University Auditors (1999-2000: "Cookin' the Book$ is quite a funny and interesting twist on what's going on in corporate accounting today. I highly recommend Cookin'--great book!" "A great book! I love to cook but this book gives cooking a whole new meaning! If you have been looking for an easy book that explains how corporations “play with the numbers” then this is a must read!"