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Table of Contents of Fail-Proof Your Business

PART ONE: Understanding the psychology of failure and success


Chapter 1   Failure and personality


Chapter 2   Are there secrets to success?




PART TWO: Mastering money


Chapter 3   Why having too much money is dangerous


Chapter 4   Money: You need it to survive


Chapter 5   Are you making money?


Chapter 6   Unknown partners




PART THREE: Leadership


Chapter 7   The people you hire, manage and lead


Chapter 8   Be a team leader, not a soloist


Chapter 9   Stay focused


Chapter 10 Good housekeeping leads to quality and success


Chapter 11 Be assertive: Ask, say no and follow up


Chapter 12 Commitment: Business and family




PART FOUR: Applying successful sales and marketing strategies


Chapter 13 Promotion: Don't hide your business


Chapter 14 Market research: Finding and understanding your customers


Chapter 15 Advertising: Asking for the business!


Chapter 16 The art of selling


Chapter 17 Hiring your sales people


Chapter 18 Financial management and performance of your sales people


Chapter 19 Training, managing and motivating your sales people




PART FIVE: Strategies for Success


Chapter 20 Bigger is not always better


Chapter 21 Diversify customers, markets and products


Chapter 22 Partners and investors


Chapter 23 A second chance for success


Chapter 24 A few positive words from the author




Appendix   Traditional financial statements






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