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High School Money Book

By Don Silver

There should be a class in high school called "Money Smarts 101" to teach teens how to handle money. That's the purpose of this book. Spend just 10 minutes a day reading the High School Money Book and learn how to make important decisions about shopping, paying for college, saving, investing and working. You can be happier and more self-sufficient if you master money matters now rather than correct money mistakes later.


Reviews on High School Money Book


"My eldest son didn't put it down, devouring the book as if he were reading one of his thick fantasy tomes like Lord of the Rings."

- Teresa McUsic, Savvy Consumer columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“101 bite-size morsels of financial wisdom that should hook even the most reluctant teenager.”

- Steve Rosen, Kids & Money column, Kansas City Star


“With most chapters only one or two pages long, this book is a short, easy-to-read yet very comprehensive step-by-step guide that's readily accessible for teens."

- California Department of Education

"Great book to teach teens about money. It goes one step further than other books. It teaches kids to really think about money and how it affects their lives."
- Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman, syndicated columnists and authors of Quick Steps To Financial Stability

“Everything you would want your child to know about money.”

- Delaware Financial Literacy Institute

"Don Silver has added another gem to his collection with the High School Money Book, probably the most cogent guide to financial responsibility available to teens. Its easy-to-understand financial lessons will excite teens about using money responsibly and get them thinking about saving and budgeting as they learn the vital fundamentals of debt, insurance, taxes and investing. I will use these methods when teaching urban youth the skills of financial responsibility in my own mentoring."

- Greg Nance, Founder, American Investment Fellows financial literacy mentoring

"The High School Money Book talks straight to teens about money. Teens learn that they can be happier and more self-sufficient if they master money matters now rather than correct money mistakes later. They learn how to make important decisions about working, shopping, using credit, preparing for college, making a budget, keeping financial records, and making money grow by saving and investing."

- Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy


"Great tool...comprehensive in its coverage of personal finance topics."

- Dan Hebert, President, New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy     


“Don Silver did a great job of presenting those important concepts high school aged kids need to know to become good consumers and managers of their personal financial life and did it in a very readable way."

- John Meeks, President, North Carolina JumpStart Coalition

"Very comprehensive. The format is very practical and intuitive."

- Tameria L. Vickerson, Ph.D. Director of Programs,

Florida Council on Economic Education


"The book has an amazing number of very practical bits of advice for high school students and anyone else who is overwhelmed by the number of personal financial decisions they make every day."

- Douglas Haskell, Director of Professional Development, Economics Center for Education & Research, University of Cincinnati