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Susan Silver's Positively Organized!®

Business Training and Motivation Programs


Susan Silver’s Positively Organized!® Programs blend a unique, interactive format that participants really enjoy. Susan’s Let's Talk! Seminars use an entertaining, involving talk-show-style format where Susan shares her expertise and audience members get a chance to shine as well.


While typical program lengths appear after each of the following titles, all programs and seminars can be customized in program length as well as content to meet client needs. Program descriptions are available upon request. Program titles fall into three main areas of expertise:


1. Leadership, Management, and Supervision


Positively Organized!® Accountability (one or two half days)


Positively Organized!® Decision Making (one or two half days)


Positively Organized!® Delegation (one or two half days)


Positively Organized!® Supervision (four or five days)


Positively Organized!® Topflight Leadership (one or two days)


2. Organization and Work Management


Let's Talk Organization! (half or full day)


Let's Talk Shop! (one day)


Let's Talk Teamwork! (one or two days)


Let’s Talk Time Management! (half or full day)


Organized to Be Your Best! (one hour to full day)


Positively Organized!® Customer Service (one to three hours)


Positively Organized!® Information Management (half day to two days)


Positively Organized!® Memory Magic: Innovative Ways to Organize and Master Information to Improve Your Memory (one day)


Positively Organized!® Peace of Mind: An Experiential Stress Management Program (half day)


Positively Organized!® Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (half day or one day)


Positively Organized!® Project Management: A Best Practices Overview (one day)


Your Positive Gifts to the World: A Positively Organized!® Adventure to Discover and Tap Your Special Abilities and Talents (one to three hours)


3. Business Writing and Speaking


Positively Organized!® Writing Workshops (POWW!) vary in focus and length:


Communication POWWer (two days)


E-Mail Mastery POWWer (one to three hours)


E-Writing POWWer (half day to three days)


ESL Speaking and Writing POWWer (two days)


Grammar POWWer (half day to two days)


Positively Organized!® Presentations (two days)


POWWer Lunch (one to two hours)


Technical Communication POWWer (one day to two days)


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