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Table of Contents of Organized to Be Your Best!

Part 1  

Positively Organized!® Change for the Best                                        

Designing a Program for Positive Action and Transformation

1          How to Best Use This Book to Transform How You Work      

2          How to Be Positively Organized!®                  



Part 2

Positively Organized!® Essentials

Managing Your Time, Info and Communications

3          Time Management: What You Really Need to Know   

4          Organization Tools to Manage Time & Info      

5          Communications: Managing Email, Instant and Text Messages, Phone Calls

            and More



Part 3

Positively Organized!® Workspaces

Working Productively and Ergonomically with Equipment,

Files, Paper and Other “Collectibles” in an Office and on the Go

6          Ergonomics: Increasing Productivity

            and Avoiding Computer-Related Injuries          

7          Workspace Essentials: Enhancing Your Physical

            Working Environment 

8          Mastering Your Desk and the Paper Jungle

9          Up-to-Date Paper Files and Beyond    

10        For Collectors Only: How, When and What to Save    

11        Mobile, Traveling Offices: Getting Things Done on the Road or

            Telecommuting from Home (or Starbucks)



Part 4

Positively Organized!® Computing

Organizing, Finding and Protecting Digital Info

12        Organizing and Finding Your Computer Files    

13        Backing Up Your Computer Files

14        Protecting Your Computer, Your Information, Yourself

            and Your Colleagues On and Off the Internet   



Part 5

Positively Organized!® Collaboration

Working, Communicating and Computing with Others

15        Working Collaboratively with Others    

16        Collaborative Communication  

17        Collaborative Computing         


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