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Reviews of Pilot Vision

BUZZ ALDRIN, Apollo Astronaut, moonwalker and CEO of Starcraft Enterprises: "Whether you're flying to the Moon or doing business on Earth, you need Pilot Vision."  


BARRON HILTON, Chairman of Hilton Hotels Corporation:

"John Michael Magness charts a course for success in Pilot Vision."  


FRANK BORMAN, Chairman of the Board, Database Technologies, Inc., former chairman and CEO, Eastern Airlines and Apollo astronaut: "A thrill ride of a book that helps us reach for the stars!"


JOHN WEST, CEO, System One Technical, Inc.: "John Magness's approach to leadership and success will work equally well for leaders of big and small companies alike. I encourage you to strap into the cockpit and hold on!"


T. ALLAN McARTOR, CEO and founder of Legend Airlines, former combat pilot and member of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds precision-flying squadron, former head of the Federal Aviation Administration: "John Magness offers his readers a unique insight into the common characteristics of good pilots and good business leaders. Anyone faced with today's business challenges will find several things in this book to add to their "preflight checklist."


WALLY SCHIRRA, Astronaut on Mercury 8, Gemini 6 and Apollo 7: "Everyone in business on Earth can benefit from reading Pilot Vision. I really enjoyed the book."


T.K. MATTINGLY, NASA astronaut and aerospace executive: "John Michael Magness has used his easy style and personal cockpit experiences to relate the techniques successful leaders use to pilot their enterprises."


TOM HOPKINS, Master Sales Trainer and author of How to Master the Art of Selling and Selling for Dummies: "This book forces you to answer some tough questions about how you are 'piloting' your business. I commend John Michael Magness for providing us nonpilots an opportunity to benefit from Pilot Vision."


DICK RUTAN, Pilot of Voyager, the first nonstop, nonrefueling flight around the world: "Pilot Vision offers a far reaching flight plan adaptable to any profession--a flight plan that, if fueled by desire and determination, can get you where you have only dreamed of going."


ROSS PEROT, Jr., Chairman, Hillwood Development Corp., former U.S. Air Force pilot and the first person to pilot a helicopter around the world: "Pilot Vision takes the wonder and excitement of aviation and applies it to a rapidly changing corporate world. Once you read Pilot Vision, you'll never look at your company or team the same again."


GEORGE A. THORNTON, III, Real Estate Developer, Executive Vice President, Rhodes Furniture: "In Pilot Vision John Michael Magness provides a clear, concise and exciting analogy for business leadership. His insight will prove invaluable to those seeking to meet the number one challenge in business today: providing effective leadership in a rapidly changing environment. Read Pilot Vision and see for yourself."


HARRIET BRISCOE HARRAL, Ph.D., Principal, The Harral Group, Executive Director, Leadership Fort Worth: "Just as a plane flies directly from one location to another, Pilot Vision gets the reader right to the point: how to be a better leader. John Magness has pulled together a wealth of inspirational instances, resources and analogies to keep the reader focused and motivated. The book is a pleasure to read."


J.P. Hoar, General (retired) and President of J.P. Hoar and Associates: "Whether you are just starting up the organizational ladder or just need a boost somewhere along the way, this book provides valuable insights for anyone who wants to be successful. Clear, concise, highly readable! John Michael Magness is right on target."


Twyman Towery, author of The Wisdom of Wolves: Principles for Creating Personal Success & Professional Triumphs: "The metaphors and quotes contained in this book are valuable to us all--whether we fly or just dream about it."